is a proud native of Southern New Jersey, where he lives with his husband Noe and son Nicholas. Self-described as rough around the edges, drinking too many beers on Friday nights and happy wearing a ball cap, Tom has spent the majority of his working life in retail banking. With no college degree or formal training as a writer, Tom realized his dream of writing a book based on his first love affair with another guy, while sometimes working three jobs at a time. He attributes his gutsy, gritty, no-holds-barred honesty in writing to confident meditation and reflection.

has helped me better understand the reaction between my instincts, emotions, and rational, logical thinking as they pertain to the subject matter and beyond. Bringing this book in for a landing could not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of a diverse team of talented friends who have served as writing coaches and helped masterfully design the final product. Thank you for providing encouragement when I really needed it. You've all got hearts that give and give.

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